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Home vs Apartment: What You Should Know About Keeping Your Heating System in Check

It can be difficult to know about the different kinds of heating systems available, depending on whether you live in a house or apartment. Being fully equipped with the knowledge about what sort of heating system you have where you live gives you the ability to stay ahead of the curve, maximize energy efficiency, and simply better understand what’s going on in the case of a malfunction. Of course, before you get there, you need to know about the different kind of heating systems available, but look no further! Greener Solutions Heating and AC is here to take care of that, so keep reading.

Central Heat
Many houses have a central furnace when it comes to providing heat. The furnace operates by blowing heated air through ducts, and it’s called a ducted warm-air distribution system, and it’s usually powered by electricity, gas, or fuel oil. Older furnaces waste a third of the fuel energy simply to keep the exhaust hot enough, but newer furnace standards were developed recently by the US Department of Energy. One thermostat controls the heat, and you can close off the registers to unused rooms, but that will unbalance the heating demand, which is why you shouldn’t close off registers without professional help. These systems are useful as you can install a clock thermostat and a central electronic air filter to keep the house cleaner. However, they may not be the most efficient way to heat your home. As apartments have fewer rooms, central heating may be best suited here.

Heat Pumps
A form of central heating, these also offer cooling and have an interior heating unit and outdoor compressor unit. Heat gets drawn from the outside and is transferred into your home via refrigerant-filled coil; this process can also be reversed in the summer. These do have a higher initial cost of installation, but offer greater efficiency and cooling capabilities, meaning it’s best suited to a house—plus, it’ll offer greater resale value down the road!

Zonal Heating
Instead of heating the entire house, certain zones are heated. A zone can be a room or a group of room, and thermostats control the heaters that make up each zone. Electric wall heaters, baseboard heaters, or fireplaces are some common examples. The first two are relatively inexpensive to install, but can limit where you put your furniture. The advantages come in when you spend the majority of your time in one area, which is why it could be well-suited to a smaller apartment. Do note that zonal heating can’t add AC, and likely won’t increase resale value.

Getting More Information
Need more detailed information on the best heating system to install? Want to know more before getting a repair? We can do that! Greener Solutions Heating and AC strive to be transparent and provide stellar service, whether you need maintenance, repairs, replacements, or installations in the Stockton, CA area. With our financing and warranty options, we’re confident to have something for you, so call today for a free estimate at (209) 252-3921!

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