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Why Should You Leave Heating Repair to the Professionals?

Picture this for a second: your heater isn’t really working. Maybe it’s blowing cold air, or maybe it’s just not turning on. You’ve been on Google for the last hour, clicking on links and watching YouTube videos, and you think you’ve figured out how to fix it. With a couple of tools and a friend or two, it looks like you can have it running before it’s too chilly. Nothing wrong with that, right? Actually, there is—although you may not know just what. Today, Greener Solutions Heating and AC is here to let you know just why it’s important to leave your heating repair issues to the professionals.

Reasons the Pros Should Repair Your Heating Systems

  • We can accurately diagnose the issue. It’s difficult to know exactly what’s wrong, and while Google can be helpful, you can’t know precisely what’s the matter at hand, which means you could simply be going around trying to solve the issue in a totally wrong way. We’ve had over 30 years of expertise, so we know exactly how to effectively pinpoint the issue and make sure we solve it properly.
  • You could void your warranty. Trying to repair your HVAC system could cause a breakdown or require more repairs in a few days or weeks. Self-made repairs can also void your warranty, which means you could possibly have to pay for expensive repairs down the road without any warranty coverage!
  • You could put yourself at danger. As you know, furnaces usually run on gas or electricity. Thus, it’s incredibly important to handle heating equipment with care. There are many proper safety precautions to follow, and by attempting self-repair, you’re putting both you and your family in danger. At Greener Solutions Heating and AC, all our technicians have undergone training to learn what are the proper safety measures to keep all of you safe.
  • Heating systems are very complex. If you’re having an installation done and you’re on a forced air system, for example, the system needs to be connected to the ductwork so all areas can be properly heated. Hydronic systems have to be interfaced exactly with the water pipe network so there are no leaks or water damage. Natural gas heaters have to be properly hooked up so the system can turn on and needs to be done with the cooperation of your municipal government system. Suffice it to say, there are so many checks and procedures to take care of, which is why it’s vital to leave it to the pros.

Getting the Pros on the Job

Ready to call in the professionals? Consider Greener Solutions Heating and AC. Based in Stockton, CA and servicing the surrounding areas for over 30 years, our experienced technicians are skilled in providing HVAC repairs, tune-ups, and installations, as well as offering lucrative rebates and financing. We also offer annual maintenance plans with our licensed contractors, so call for a free estimate today at (209) 252-3921!

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